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In order to sensitise students to the ethical dimensions of security-relevant research at an early stage, higher education institutes and universities should incorporate the topic in their teaching and in the curricula of all relevant courses of study.

A three-stage procedure is suitable for this: 1. Bachelor’s degree courses could include interdisciplinary security-relevant aspects of research in general lectures on “good scientific practice” and on basic issues of ethics in science.

2. Masters’ degree courses could then include seminars on the specific ethical and security-relevant aspects of their own subject, both on the theoretical level and using case studies.

3. PhD students, in particular, as well as postgraduates and staff involved in research could additionally be instructed on the specific risks of their research in group seminars, further training measures, summer schools or graduate schools. However, it is equally useful to understand the ethical aspects of research and the special responsibility of researchers as a necessary integrative component of all subject-related teaching.

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