Export Control and Academia Manual

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Export Control and Academia Manual

Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA) Press and Public Relations (Ed.) (2019) Export Control and Academia Manual (1st edition).

This Manual is primarily aimed at the academic and research sector, its representatives and employees as well as scientists as private individuals.

The goal is to raise the awareness of universities and research institutions for the aims of export control and to support them in the application of foreign trade law.

Restrictions under foreign trade law may play a role in the academic field, e.g. in research cooperation with foreign institutions, in cooperation with visiting scientists in institutes in Germany, in the transfer of scientific equipment (items) abroad and also in the transfer of knowledge and publications. Export control does not cover all activities in the academic and research sector by far, but it is the task of all those involved to identify and evaluate the individual cases covered. A responsible use of the legally guaranteed freedom of foreign trade (Section 1 AWG), freedom of sciences (Art. 5 (3) GG) etc. presupposes that in individual cases the limits of this freedom are also known.