G7 Best Practices for Secure and Open Research

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G7 Best Practices for Secure and Open Research

G7 Best Practices for Secure and Open Research (2024) Security and Integrity of the Global Research Ecosystem (SIGRE) Working Group.

Open and collaborative research allows us to respond to some of the world’s most challenging issues. Research integrity acts as the base from which researchers are able to operate in our global research environment. To support research integrity, the above best practices are meant to help research communities establish and improve processes and efforts to protect their respective research and enable the operation and continuation of a collaborative research system on a reciprocal trust basis. These practices have been developed to support research by following many key research integrity principles, such as academic freedom; open science; transparency, disclosure and honesty; freedom from discrimination, harassment, and coercion; fostering public trust; and institutional autonomy.

Research security remains an emerging area for research communities around the globe and is therefore a concept that will continue to evolve over time. These practices should continue to be adapted to address new and emerging risks, to ensure responses are proportionate and appropriate.